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😻 Applause! Applause! Applause! 😻

I was cleaning out the litter boxes the other night while listening to ‘America’s Got Talent’ in the background.

As I finished the last scoop, I heard the audience go wild as Simon shouted out…

“You’ve Got FOUR Yeses!!!”

I took a bow.

😻 This website is written by a cat! (Just Kidding!) 😻

This site is brought to you by a Single Guy. (and I’m not talking about his marital status either) lol

Hello, I’m Doug Hines, publisher of

I jokingly refer to myself as a ‘cat aficionado extraordinaire.’ My ‘cat journey’ started one day years ago when I was feeding my cat Bubby (who has since passed away). I stopped to read the cat food can’s ingredient list and was mystified by many of the words. Concerned for Bubby’s health, I wanted to know the answer to a simple question; “Is this stuff good for Bubby?”

I started intense study and extensive research which lasted years and culminated in a database of over 1500 canned cats foods. That study ultimately led to presenting the data in a website called I began to add ‘cat news’ to the food site, and the news quickly grew. became a new website –

My background? I’m a Navy Veteran and past Motor Yacht Captain who, in retirement, has become a prolific website designer. 

My ‘other time’ is spent caring for my cats – Mindy & Grady (pics below). “You’ve heard of a ‘Horse Whisperer’? Well, I’m a ‘Cat Shouter’! “GET OFF OF THAT KITCHEN COUNTER GRADY! IF I HAVE TO TELL YOU ONE MORE TIME…” (Just a little humor here folks. I would never yell at my cats. LOL)

(I have a friend who wants to name her next cat “NO.”  Here it comes… “NO get out of those flowers!” “NO Stop running around and let me sleep!) LOL

In addition to my cat websites, I also have a site about humans titled The (see below).

You can reach me via the contact form below, OR you can see my personal website at



Cat News Headlines® is not affiliated with the pet food or pet product industry in any way. In order to remain objective, we do not endorse pet food or pet products.

We exist thanks to private donations like yours.

This website is intentionally free of intrusive, interruptive advertising, pop-up windows, or autoplay audio or video. We respect our reader’s sanity. Say to yourself – Amen – Wonderful – YouBetCha – I Agree!

If things don’t change around here…

A personal note:  Like many of you I live in constant fear of what the near future might bring during this virus mess. I am especially on edge because I am in a vulnerable group. I’m old, I’ve recently had a string of health problems, and I am most probably susceptible to further illness. So every time I cough or sneeze or even ‘think’ I might have a slight fever, I’m already planning for the worst.

Why am I telling you this? If the stories on the front page of Cat News Headlines® suddenly fail to change, if the page appears to you as it did several days ago, you can pretty much assume that something has gone wrong. Since I work alone – there is no ‘staff’ at Cat News Headlines® – there will be no one to carry on bringing you the cat news.

And, of course, health problems aren’t the only thing that could halt this website’s production. I live in a less-than-desirable, stressful financial situation. The loss of my computer or the loss of my ability to pay for website services, or should I just not be able to pay the rent, buy food, and care for my cats, all could bring about my sudden demise. We all know what stress can do.

Anyway, I just thought you would want to know what happened if the date on the front page doesn’t change. It’s the kind of truth we all must consider nowadays – especially if we are a one man band working alone.  – Doug Hines

The International Offices of Cat News Headlines®

The International Staff of Cat News Headlines®

New York

  • Executive Chairman — Doug Hines
  • Chief Executive Officer — Doug Hines
  • Executive Publisher — Doug Hines
  • Editor-in-Chief — Doug Hines
  • Deputy Editor-in-Chief — Doug Hines
  • Managing Editor — Doug Hines
  • Chief News Editor — Doug Hines
  • Editor at Large — Doug Hines
  • Senior Editor — Doug Hines
  • D.C. Political Editor — Doug Hines
  • Deputy Politics Editor — Doug Hines
  • W. House Correspondent — Doug Hines
  • Pentagon Reporter — Doug Hines
  • Special Projects — Doug Hines
  • Video & Audio — Doug Hines
  • Print & Writing — Doug Hines


  • Chief News Strategist — Doug Hines
  • Technology Officer — Doug Hines
  • Live Journalism — Doug Hines
  • Professional News — Doug Hines
  • Chief Technology Officer — Doug Hines
  • Communications Officer — Doug Hines
  • Chief Innovation Officer — Doug Hines
  • Chief Financial Officer — Doug Hines
  • Operations Manager — Doug Hines
  • Deputy Managing Editor — Doug Hines
  • Senior Editor-at-Large — Doug Hines
  • Senior Contributor — Doug Hines
  • World Editor — Doug Hines
  • Europe Editor — Doug Hines
  • Israel/Middle East Editor — Doug Hines
  • Asia Editor — Doug Hines


  • Economics Editor — Doug Hines
  • Entertainment Editor — Doug Hines
  • Tech Editor — Doug Hines
  • Chronicles Director — Doug Hines
  • Sports Editor — Doug Hines
  • Copy Chief — Doug Hines
  • Advertising Director — Doug Hines
  • PR and Communications — Doug Hines
  • Webmaster — Doug Hines
  • Science Editor — Doug Hines
  • Health Expert — Doug Hines
  • Travel Director — Doug Hines
  • Human Resources Director — Doug Hines
  • Maintenance Worker — Doug Hines
  • Chief Strategy Officer — Doug Hines
  • Corporate Sales — Doug Hines

– Contact Doug Hines –

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Surprise! Here Are My Cats!

Bubby (recently deceased), Mindy & Grady
And My Special polydactyl cat 'Pooky' who passed away

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