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Cat Diet - Jackson Galaxy


(High Carb/Chem, Artificial Ingredients, No Moisture)

• Dry Food Now = Bad Health, Suffering and Vet Bills Later •

Learn From an Expert: Feeding Cats a Species-Appropriate Diet

It only takes a little study to come to the conclusion that dry food, and most canned food, is detrimental to cats. There’s plenty of evidence to prove that assertion.

Cats are obligate carnivores. This means that, for optimal health, cats must consume muscle meat, organs, finely crushed bone and supplements, with little to no carbohydrates (starches, vegetables, fruit, etc.)  –  Doug Hines

Jackson Galaxy

Master of All Things Cat

Jackson Galaxy

This “Cat Daddy” has decades of experience with improving the lives of cats and guardians. “The ‘My Cat From Hell’ reality TV star works closely with animal shelters and rescue organizations, teaching his ‘Cat Mojo’ approach to feline behavior to volunteers, staff and adopters, and helping with both behavioral and environmental enrichment programs for their feline residents.” – Wikipedia

Need Help With Health or Behavioral Issues?

Jackson Galaxy – The Food, The Bad & The Ugly

Part 1 – Dry Food

Howdy paw-tna’! In this town we take cat nutrition VERY seriously.  Part one of our saga is a showdown between and one of my oldest nemesi –  he’ll two-step into your homestead like a long-lost family member.  Before you know it – you and your cat will fall under his spell!  His name? … KIBBLE.  

Part 3 – The Raw Food Diet

Welcome back, Greenhorn! Are you ready for the final showdown? In part 3 of our journey through nutritional choices for your cats, this is the end of the line.  You’ve probably heard a lot about raw diets for cats and I’m here to set you straight!  If you care about the ultimate health of your cats, watch this video!

Cats and Water Fountains: Is Running Water Healthier for Your Cats?

Part 2 – Wet Food

Welcome back, Greenhorn! Now that you’ve run the gauntlet through Kibble Gulch, you’ve arrived at your next checkpoint; Wet Food Junction! You think you got what it takes, kid? You gonna do the right thing for your cats or leave ’em high and dry?

How to Transition Your Cats to a Different Diet

Recently I posted a series of videos about the best kind of diet for cats. And, spoiler alert, it ain’t dry food. Questions have been pouring in about how to make that change. Whether you’re trying to transition your cat from dry to wet or raw food, in this video I lay it all out for you. I serve up the facts that will help maximize your cat’s nutritional wellbeing… and MOJO!