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Think This Site Is The Cat’s Meow?

Tell All Your Cat-Friends About It!

Think This Site Is The Cat’s Meow?

Tell All Your Cat-Friends About It!

Think This Site Is The Cat’s Meow?

Tell All Your Cat-Friends About It!

Think This Site Is The Cat’s Meow?

Tell All Your Cat-Friends About It!

Cat Sanctuaries

A Special Place – The Cat House on the Kings

The Cat House on the Kings is California’s largest no-cage, no-kill, lifetime cat sanctuary and adoption center. This non-profit organization receives no government or public funding and relies entirely on donations from animal lovers like you. For more information and another video about ‘Cat House on the Kings’ scroll down this page.

Cat Sanctuaries Are Worthy of Your Support –

Please Donate

Please – if you can afford to do so –  think about extending your personal cat-family to include less fortunate cats – those who are awaiting adoption into a loving home somewhere. Your donations will make a real difference to cats other than your own.


Has a List of Animal Sanctuaries Worldwide

Thousands of healthy dogs and cats are killed each year because there Is not enough room for them in local shelters. Please adopt.

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Featured U.S. Cat Sanctuaries

The Cat House on the Kings

Parlier, California “The Cat House on the Kings is California’s largest no-cage, no-kill, lifetime cat sanctuary and adoption center. Our mission is to place rescued cats and kittens into loving, permanent homes; to provide a safe, happy and healthy home for unwanted cats and kittens in a unique, no-cage facility; to prevent pet overpopulation through spaying and neutering; and to educate the public about responsible pet ownership.”

Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary

St. Pauls, North Carolina “In 2005, we built our first building as a safe place for blind cats who were deemed not adoptable by regular shelters and were going to be euthanized because they were blind.  In 2011,  we built a second shelter to provide a safe place for Leukemia positive (FELV+) and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV+) cats who otherwise would be killed because they tested positive for these viruses.”

Milo’s Sanctuary

Palmdale, California “Milo’s Sanctuary, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) founded on the belief that all cats deserve a second chance at life, especially those that have physical disabilities, are seniors, have a terminal illness, or have been abused and need someone to care for, love, and understand them.”

The Odd Cat Sanctuary

Salem, Massachusetts“The Odd Cat Sanctuary is a nonprofit  501(c)(3) feline rescue organization.  The Odd Cat Sanctuary was started so that we could help kittens and cats with “challenges”  or that have been neglected.  We lovingly refer to them as “Odd Cats” we will occasionally help a random dog as well!”

Happy Cat Sanctuary

Long Island, New York “We specialize in the rescue and rehabilitation of at-risk cats, including cats that have been hot at, hoarded, abused, neglected and targeted by gangs for use as bait in dog fighting rings. Happy Cat Sanctuary has saved thousands of cats  from abuse, neglect, torture and death, re-homed hundreds of cats, and reduced the feral population by the thousands with TNR.”

Mid Hudson Animal Aid Cat Sanctuary

Beacon, New York “MHAA is a no kill cat sanctuary dedicated to providing a safe haven for abandoned and abused felines in the Hudson Valley and beyond. Our residents are given humane and compassionate care in a free range environment while awaiting their forever homes. MHAA is committed to educating and informing the public about responsible pet ownership, placing animals in good adoptive homes, and encouraging spaying and neutering in our community to curb animal overpopulation and suffering.”

Cat Tail Acres Sanctuary

Shelby Township, Michigan “We presently have over 100 feral and unwanted cats residing at our Sanctuary.   We are in a house that was extensively renovated and cat-proofed to be a HOME environment where they live freely outside of cages and receive daily care and companionship from our caregivers and  volunteers.  They also really enjoy spending time in the large enclosed porch we built onto the back of the house!”

Orphan Angels Cat Sanctuary

Erie, Pennsylvania “Orphan Angels Cat Sanctuary is home to over 100 cats and kittens within the shelter, and another 100+ cats in foster care.” “We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit cat-only shelter in Erie, Pennsylvania. At Orphan Angels, our foster and adoption programs aim to place homeless cats, including those with special needs, FIV, and FeLV, in loving forever homes. We believe that every cat is adoptable; some just require a little more time, patience, and understanding than others to find the perfect match.”

Tabby’s Place®

Ringoes, New Jersey A sanctuary for cats from desperate circumstances. “Tabby’s Place rescues cats from hopeless situations. We embrace the neediest cats regardless of age, most medical issues, or temperament, making us a harbor of hope for the most desperate. Most of our cats go on to be adopted; but those who aren’t find a loving home for life at Tabby’s Place.

Blue Moon Cat Sanctuary

Witter, Arkansas “We are an exclusive, private, NO-KILL cat and kitten sanctuary that provides our furry companions with a home-style and cage-free, loving environment. Because we strive to give our guests the best living conditions possible, we limit the number of guests to a manageable and healthy level. Our list of guests changes very often so check our site regularly.”

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Kanab, Utah Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is the largest sanctuary for companion animals in the nation. Located in the red rock canyons of southern Utah, it is a home-between-homes for dogs, cats, bunnies, birds, pigs, horses and other animals, including those in need of lifelong care. The Sanctuary is a haven to around 1,600 animals on any given day and is a healing oasis like none other.

Furball Farm Pet Sanctuary

Faribault, Minnesota Furball Farm Pet Sanctuary is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, tax exempt. Their mission is to save abandoned, unwanted and helpless cats. The cats that are accepted into this sanctuary are cats that had a date with euthanasia.  We are a LAST resort.  We will only accept cats from clinics / rescues / impound / humane societies that are deemed unadoptable due to behavior.   Very often, after a formally deemed “unadoptable” cat has entered our sanctuary, we realize they are sweet cats that just didn’t adjust well to life in a cage.

Street Cat Recue’s Cat Ranch

Round Rock, Texas Founder Donna Powell, opened up her property to help special needs cats, with various enclosures, buildings, and more. The Cat Ranch is home to many resident cats including retired feral cats, disabled cats, and Leukemia positive cats, plus some adoptable cats. These cats have a special place to live. Whether they are here for the short term, or for life, they have all the comforts a cat could want plus many “bonus” features, that make it a Kitty Disneyland if you will….simply put, a Cat’s Paradise.

Thundering Paws Animal Sanctuary

Dripping Springs, Texas Thundering Paws offers a safe haven for cats who are homeless, neglected, injured, or abused. We are home to an ever-changing number of animals, mostly cats, sometimes a dog. We provide our beloved resident’s shelter, food, filtered water, spaying/neutering, vaccinations, veterinary care, and a lot of love and attention. In addition to the sanctuary, we support a network of foster families and animal advocates which helps expand our reach and care for many more animals than can stay at the sanctuary.

Shadow Cats

Round Rock, Texas Shadow Cats is dedicated to improving the lives of abused, abandoned, feral, stray, and injured cats. Shadow Cats provides long term care to special needs cats in a cage free Sanctuary environment while also providing compassionate and humane resources to effect positive change in community cat populations through Trap, Neuter and Return program and spay/neuter programs.

The Ladew Cat Sanctuary

Oyster Bay, New York The house in Oyster Bay is a closed–admission sanctuary for homeless cats that are rescued primarily from Animal Care and Control and Long Island municipal shelters. It features outdoor enclosed runs and offers a home–like atmosphere where the cats live uncaged (unless illness necessitates temporary caging). Caretakers live on the premises to accommodate daily care for the cats. Our on-site staff veterinarian checks each cat on a regular basis and provides any medical treatment necessary.

Gifford Cat Shelter

Brighton, Massachusetts At Gifford, cats are free to roam and play. They nap in sunny windows, get plenty of exercise, and enjoy tons of love and attention while they wait for their forever homes. A no-kill shelter, Gifford believes that all cats should have a chance to live their lives free of pain and fear. No matter their story, every Gifford cat has a future to look forward to. And until they find their new homes, they’ll spend their days in bright, open environments, getting all the love they need!

Cat’s Cradle

Lutz, Florida Bruce and Terry Jenkins have devoted their retirement to caring for a plethora of elderly cats, transforming their home over the years into a makeshift feline senior center. “It’s kind of a big family,” says Terry. “It gives me the opportunity to be with more cats than I possibly could ever have imagined.” The couple welcomes older cats that have been abandoned due to the death or sickness of a previous owner. “The cats come with different neuroses from where they were before… it’s very gratifying to see the transition from what they were when they came here to what they become,” says Bruce.

Cats Haven, Ltd.

Indianapolis, Indiana Cats Haven is Indianapolis’s oldest non-profit, no-kill, free-roaming feline sanctuary. For over 31 years, Cats Haven has been serving the Central Indiana community by specializing in long-term cre for special needs and elderly cats. On average, over 300 cats are in the sanctuary’s network, which includes feral colonies and foster homes in addtion to those at the shelter house. Cats Haven operates solely off of donations from contributors and patrons, as we receive no state or federal funding.

Goathouse Refuge

Pittsboro, North Carolina There aren’t many places in today’s world that offer ongoing, unconditional care to animals in need, but that’s exactly what we provide at the Goathouse Refuge. We are a cat sanctuary, a place where cats that have been abandoned or lost can be safe and warm and happy, where cats who have had to live at the margins of the modern world can find a place where they are welcome. The Refuge is a place where no cat will be refused due to age, illness or disposition. Even cats that are “unadoptable” can live in comfort, with the care, attention and love they deserve. Our ultimate goal is to connect every cat with a loving family who wants to share their life with a wonderful feline companion.

Kitty Kat Haven

Chehalis, Washington Founded in 2011, Kitty Kat Haven is an adult-only, cage-free, limited admissions, 100% volunteer-run, 501c3 organization. We specialize in giving adult cats who are considered adoption-challenged and adult cats with special needs a second chance at life. We provide temporary and permanent places for refugees through our network of foster homes, adoption partners, and cat sanctuaries. Kitty Kat Haven is where rescued cats can be medically treated, emotionally healed, and behaviorally observed to be given a second chance at finding their forever homes. By providing a safe, loving, and clean environment we help restore the emotional and physical health of the cats under our care. We provide resources and education to our community that helps strengthen the human-pet bond and keeps more pets with their families.

Kitten Rescue Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California Kitten Rescue is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization devoted to finding loving homes for unwanted, homeless cats and kittens. We rescue cats and kittens from the streets of Los Angeles and from City Shelter euthanasia. Since our start in 1997, we have grown into one of the largest, most well-respected animal welfare groups in LA. Kitten Rescue volunteers adopt out over 1,000 cats and kittens into homes every year. Since we began, we have rescued and placed over 21,000 cats into loving homes. Thousands more have been helped through our volunteer-fueled education and outreach programs. We educate the public about responsible pet guardianship, how to care for kittens and cats, and the importance of spaying and neutering.

Daufuskie Island Cat Sanctuary

Daufuskie Island, South Carolina in 2012, with the help of the Hilton Head Humane Association, Beaufort County Animal Services and a grant from the ASPCA, a Sanctuary for threatened or “at risk” cats was created. The Cat Sanctuary is a fully enclosed rescue facility on one half acre of private property. Today, we manage two free roaming cat colonies and the Cat Sanctuary.

Silver Cloud Special Cat Services

Walla Walla, Washington Silver Cloud is a rescue and life care sanctuary for special needs cats. Our cats live in a cage free home environment that has been designed specifically to meet their needs. The cats have a full time live in caregiver so that they have the care, attention, and affection they need at all times. The Silver Cloud cats are treated as family.
Some of our cats are considered adoptable and we do all we can to help them find suitable loving forever homes. Some of our cats will never be suitable for adoption. Those cats will spend the rest of their lives here in Silver Cloud Sanctuary. Our seniors come here as a final place to spend the rest of their days being loved and pampered.

Hermitage No-Kill Cat Shelter & Sanctuary

Tucson, Arizona For more than 55 years, The Hermitage No-Kill Cat Shelter and Sanctuary has been dedicated to the shelter, protection, and care of homeless cats. We believe every cat is adoptable and deserves a chance at a happy, healthy life. Our 9000-sq-ft, cage-free shelter houses 200+ cats at a time and we rescue about 700 cats annually. All of our cats roam freely in their designated sections of the shelter, including outdoor, enclosed ‘catios’. We are one of a very small number of accredited sanctuaries in the entire United States which shelters cats with FIV (Feline Immune-Deficiency Virus) and FeLV (Feline Leukemia Virus). Our goal is to find the perfect adopter for every cat, but, following a no-kill philosophy, we provide cats with a safe home for as long as they need it. At The Hermitage, we ensure that every cat who enters our shelter is given the best in medical and physical care, including affection.

Edgar And Ivy’s Cat Sanctuary

Corpus Christi, Texas The feral sanctuary is located on 10 acres outside of the city limits.  We house disabled, elderly, at risk ferals that were abused by humans, and other cats that cannot be rehomed or released after TNR to their previous environments. The sanctuary has cat housing, a cage free environment, trees and vegetation for hiding, non-competitive food distribution, livestock guardians and fencing. We provide critical care to sick kittens and cats in our medical ward. We also have a nursery for mom and baby combos and incubators for neonates needing bottle or tube feeding. Our free roam playroom offers an open and safe environment for growing kittens to run and socialize with humans and each other. Kittens learn proper litter training, food sharing, and appropriate socialization skills.  They have access to sensory toys, climbing apparatuses, and interactive play. We also have a quarantine room and holding room for kittens and cats that are ready to be adopted.

Purrfect Pals Sanctuary

Arlington, Washington

At Purrfect Pals our highest priority is taking in the cats and kittens who need us most… those who other shelters and rescue groups might not have the resources to help. This includes senior cats (though we prefer to call them “vintage”), cats with major medical needs, cats with chronic illnesses (including FIV and Feline Leukemia) and those with behavioral challenges. Our cat adoption and rehabilitation programs help us place homeless cats, including those with special needs, in loving homes. We believe that every cat is adoptable; some just need more time than others to find the right match. Our ultimate goal is to place them with adopters or long term foster families, but these cats have a loving home in our Arlington sanctuary for as long as they need us. The Purrfect Pals Sanctuary is currently home to 140+ of these special cats.


Lanai Cat Sanctuary

Lanai City, Hawaii “When founder Kathy Carroll moved to the island of Lanai from Illinois, she was shocked to see the large homeless cat population. She vowed to stop the suffering of cats struggling to survive and rallied volunteers to help. Today on 3.5 acres, Lanai Cat Sanctuary is home to more than 600 rescue cats who now have food, medical care and love, for life.”

Surf Cat Ranch Maui

Maui, Hawaii Surf Cat Ranch is a safe space for the homeless, unadoptable Feral Cats of Maui Hawaii – Because every cat deserves a home. Surf Cat Ranch is home to over 150 Rescued Feral/ tame cats and kittens. All of our kitties are Fixed, clipped, vaccinated, provided flea and worm medication, and microchipped. And did I mention Spoiled! All of our kitties have access to round-the-clock fresh water and dry food. As well and two rounds of wet food each day. We currently have two large completed and fully secure enclosures. With plans of future builds of the future.

Other U.S. Cat Sanctuaries

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Elk Grove, California

Chehalis, Washington

Agawam, Massachusetts

Parks, Arizona

San Clemente, California

Milan, Pennsylvania

Featured Cat Sanctuaries Outside of the U.S.

Rome’s Ancient Cat Sanctuary

At the Largo di Torre Argentina cat sanctuary in Rome, you just might see a cat sunning itself on the very spot where Julius Caesar was assassinated. The Roman ruins here date back as far as 4th century B.C. The cats moved in when the site was excavated in 1929. It’s become a major Rome tourist attraction. But it’s hard to say whether people come here for the history or the cats.

Mann Cat Sanctuary

Santon, Isle of Man “Mann Cat Sanctuary started in 1996 by Carole Corlett and Sue Critchley. We were both acutely aware of the problems that face the Island’s cat population. There are many elderly unwanted animals, their owners were no longer able to care for their pets and others that had been abandoned or neglected. Without a sanctuary many animals had little future to look forward to.”

RAPS Cat Sanctuary

Richmond, BC “The RAPS Cat Sanctuary was built in order to rescue and protect homeless and abandoned cats and kittens. It is now one of the largest cat sanctuaries in North America. The Sanctuary provides a safe permanent home to hundreds of feral, abandoned and surrendered cats. Our tame and feral felines cohabitate peacefully and contentedly.”

Tomasina Cat Sanctuary

Malta There are many reasons these cats have found themselves under our care.  We have accepted unwanted pets, kittens left motherless, sick cats, and stray cats/kittens who are in trouble.  Some cats at the sanctuary are recovering from operations that have left them without a leg or blind, these are usually due to road traffic accidents.  We have also helped with cats that have nowhere to go, thrown out on the streets or left at the sanctuary door with no name or details; others have been picked up because of cruelty.

God’s Little People Cat Rescue

Greek Island of Syros For such a long time I’ve dreamt of assembling all the images of my entire Greek kitty crew (all 44 of them!) and making them available for ‘virtual adoption’. Well, I’ve finally done it! – and f or€10 or $12,50 you can help with the upkeep of one cat which will cover the costs of food, worm and flea treatment and yearly vaccination. All of my cats, apart from two tiny new crew members, are all neutered so this will not be necessary to take into consideration.

Los Mininos Cat Sanctuary

Boquete, Panama Los Mininos Cat Sanctuary is located in the tropical highlands on the slope of Volcan Baru near the town of Boquete, Panama. In this exotic location abandoned cats found on the streets, under bridges, or in the garbage are given a safe and loving home to live out their natural lives. Here they are given high quality food and veterinary care. All cats are sterilized and vaccinated. Those kitties who can be re-homed are available for adoption. However, those without a future on someone’s sofa find safe refuge at Los Mininos.

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