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Putting Our Cats At Risk…

  • What if your found out that the food you’ve been buying from your veterinarian is bad for your cat(s)?
  • Would you knowingly feed your cat(s) MSBC?? (Menadione Sodium Bisulfite Complex)
  • What about domestic cats ingesting micro plastics?
  • Is microchipping cats safe? The answer is… mostly, but there are exceptions.
  • This story stinks of industry spin worse than onions and garlic. Is it worth the risk?

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 Ubique Film Presents ‘CAT EMPIRE’

WATCH The Trailer For The 3 Part Docu-Series About Our Obsession With Cats!

“With more than 200 million cat owners, the domestic cat is the most popular pet worldwide, and everything seems to indicate it has now entered its era of glory.”

This documentary series, with original shootings in 6 countries, with unique archives and animations, and with a humorous yet serious approach, draws the remarkable picture of the very peculiar world of cats. – Monday, May 16th, 2022

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Special Online Cat Events Coming Up…

Some of the events below require a participation fee. Others are free.

May 18th, 3-4:30 PM ET – Helping Your Neighborhood Cats – Experts present an introduction into the world of community cats and how to make their lives better by trapping them, having them spayed and neutered, and caring for them in their outdoor homes. By the session’s end, you’ll know what to do next and where to go to learn more.

May 19th, 2-3 PM ET – The National Kitten Coalition – Pregnancy and Birth – This NKC webinar will discuss feline pregnancy and birth, as well as how to care for kittens who are nursing and go through the weaning process with Mom.

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Cat Saves Soldier Then the Grateful Soldier Does Something Incredible to Help Her Back

- Wonderbot Animals

This Cat Showed Up At a Marina To Choose His New Family

- the dodo

Do Cats Instinctively Know If You're a Cat Person?

- Senior Cat Wellness

Cat adorably meets owners' newborn baby

- Good Morning America

10 Massive Facts About Maine Coon Cats

- The Purring Journal

How to Stop Your Neighbor From Feeding Your Cat

- Senior Cat Wellness

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Find Your Cat!!

A U.S. Nationwide Lost

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Cat Locating Service

• Free Alerts to Shelters, Rescues

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On PET AIRWAYS, your pet's safety is monitored throughout the trip by our on-board pet attendants. We make sure your pet has plenty of fresh cool air, refreshments, and of course, potty breaks.

- Colleen Patrick Goudreau

“My worst nightmare is that my cats would be homeless should something unexpectedly happen to me. In this podcast episode, I talk about how putting plans in place is the best thing to do for our beloved companion animals.”

        – Colleen Patrick Goudreau

Kittens & Senior Cat News…

Kittens Are Simply Wonderful !!!

Jackson Galaxy

All About Kittens:

Kitten Growth Stages

& Milestones!

Marathon Effort to Rescue Trapped Kitten


This Kitten Looks Like an Alien When He Stands

- the dodo

Aberdeen the cat mom and her kittens

- LoveMeow

Woman Finds Stray Mama Cat and Kittens Outside Her Office

- the dodo

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Does Your Cat Have Hairballs? Watch This Video!

- All About Cats

7 Pet Food Ingredients to AVOID

- Veterinary Secrets

Is It Normal For Cats To Have Cold Paws?

- Senior Cat Wellness

Can Cats Eat Sardines?

- Senior Cat Wellness

The Things Those Crazy Cats Do…

Why Do Cats Do... THAT?

- Jackson Galaxy

Why Do Cats Like To Scratch Everything?

- Senior Cat Wellness

Why Do Cats Knead Their Owners?

- Furry Feline Facts

Why is My Cat Walking in Circles Around Me?

- Senior Cat Wellness

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Fact #12 – Cats Are Impressive Jumpers

Newbie cat owners are frequently amazed at how high cats can jump. But how high is “the norm?” Well, an average-sized healthy, adult cat can jump. To put it into perspective, that’s about 4-5 feet. Not bad, Fluffy!

affordable, compassionate and expert advice

Community/Feral/Rescue/Shelter News…

Including Rescue Organizations, Cat Sanctuaries, and Special Cat Caregivers

Berkeley County approves plan to save feral cats

- 2nbc

Humane Society of Tampa Bay saves feral cats by putting them to work

- abc action news

Smartest Stray Cat Follows Woman Home

- the dodo

What Happens When You Rescue A Kitty

- My Favorite Groomer

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Has a List of Animal Sanctuaries Worldwide

Thousands of healthy dogs and cats are killed each year because there is not enough room for them in local shelters. Please adopt.

Adoption & Fostering News…

Including News About Cat Cafés! (they are prime adoption locations)

– Make Adoption Your First Option –

Fostering Cats Changed My Life!

- Jackson Galaxy

10 Things to Know BEFORE Adopting a Cat

- The Purring Journal

Why You Should Adopt 2 Cats Instead of 1

- The Purring Journal

Black cat wasn't getting adopted. Then this woman took him home.

- GeoBeats Animals