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Use Your Browser's Search Function to
Find Keywords on This Long Page

Abandoned Kitten Crying At The Trash Cans


Abandoned Cat Found Shelter in a Train Station – see what happens next…


Orphaned 1-Pound Kitten Gets Adopted By a 160-Pound Great Dane

– The Dodo

Pet store staff care for abandoned kittens

City News

Woman Opened The Door And Saw a Stray Kitten Waiting For Her


Smartest Stray Cat Follows Woman Home

– The Dodo

Stray Kitten Sneaks Into a Police Station to Adopt The Cutest Officer


Stray Cat Came to The House on Its Own, Showing it Needed Help


Shelter Cat Brothers Sit At The Door For Hours Hoping To Be Adopted


Fostering Kittens With Swimmer Syndrome (Fred + Ginger)

Flatbush Cats

Stray Cat Finally Found a Reason to Smile After Years on The Streets


New cat cafe opens in New Hope

FOX9 Minneapolis-St. Paul

Second Chance Pets: Kitten Season Ramps Up


Man Wakes Up Before Sunrise To Help 100 Homeless Cats In Hawaii

– The Dodo

Woman Finds Stray Mama Cat And Kittens Outside Her Office

– The Dodo

Rescued Cat Won’t Stop Thanking The Woman With Kisses

– BazPaws

This Stray Cat Was Never Loved, But Look What Happened Next

– BazPaws

Guy Starts With Fostering One Cat Then Gets Hooked

The Dodo

Stray Cat Sneaks Into The Yard Looking For Food, But Finds a Forever Home

– BazPaws

Stray Kitten Chooses His Human In a Park, Wouldn’t Let Him Go

– BazPaws

Rescuing a kitten on a busy street

Flatbush Cats

Disabled cat was about to be euthanized. This woman took her home.

– GeoBeats Animals

Cat seems to keep praying after getting adopted

– GeoBeats Animals

Starving and Sick Cat Begs for Help on the Street

– PawMeow

Kitten Stuck in a Car Runs up to Woman and Asks to be Rescued

– The Dodo

This Tiny Abandoned Kitten Was Found On The Sidewalk

– The Dodo

Cat Keeps Hissing at New Little Sister

– The Dodo

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