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 Ubique Film Presents ‘CAT EMPIRE’

WATCH The Trailer For The 3 Part Docu-Series About Our Obsession With Cats!

“With more than 200 million cat owners, the domestic cat is the most popular pet worldwide, and everything seems to indicate it has now entered its era of glory.”

This documentary series, with original shootings in 6 countries, with unique archives and animations, and with a humorous yet serious approach, draws the remarkable picture of the very peculiar world of cats.

Read One Of The Most Important Pages On This Website...


Read One Of The Most Important Pages On This Website...

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Putting Our Cats At Risk…

• What if your found out that the food you’ve been buying from your veterinarian is bad for your cat(s)?

• Would you knowingly feed your cat(s) MSBC?? (Menadione Sodium Bisulfite Complex)

• What about domestic cats ingesting micro plastics?

• Is microchipping cats safe? The answer is… mostly, but there are exceptions.

• This story stinks of industry spin worse than onions and garlic. Is it worth the risk?

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“Learning the truth about your pet’s food can save their life.” – Susan Thixton, TAPF

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Doug's Note: This story is important for anyone who feeds their pet(s) dry food. The HUGE lack-of-moisture fact aside, and the HUGE lack-of-quality-ingredients aside, this story reveals the risks of high temperature processing during the manufacturing of dry pet food. "About 95% of dry pet food is made by a process called extrusion. A study by Wageningen University in the Netherlands shows that drying pet food between 160°C to 180°C can significantly reduce its nutritional value. Sometimes temperatures can even reach 200°C during commercial pet food manufacturing. The high temperatures cause radical changes to the ingredients." This article shows you the consequences high temperatures have on pet food. - FMT news